Things to do in Sendai・Sightseeing

Enjoying your Sendai sightseeing


Take a trip through the Sendai streets and the history of Miyagi

The Mori no Miyako of Sendai, filled with history and greenery And with access to Matsushima, one of the Three Views of Japan, you will discover a journey as full as the moon loved by Basho Matsuo now!

What to do on your first day



Arriving at JR Sendai station

Store your luggage at the hotel immediately and start your Sendai trip!

Once controlled by Masamune Date, Sendai is now the largest city in the Tohoku region. Feeling urban while at the same time filled with plantlife, from the Mori no Miyako entrance of the JR Sendai station to the hotel is approximately a 10 minute walk. Please enjoy as your Miyagi / Sendai trip begins from now!


JR Matsushima-Kaigan Station

The beginning of a journey swirling with history and beauty

When coming to Miyagi, visiting Matsushima, one of the Three Views of Japan, is a must. To the Matsushima Sightseeing Gateway at JR Matsushima-Kaigan station, takes approximately 40 minutes from Aoba Doori Station on the Senseki line. Since the platforms and railroad track are on a cliff, you are able to look down on Matsushima Bay from the platform.


Distance from the hotel
Approximately 50 minutes by train


Matsushima Tamatebakokan

Have a meal before starting your Matsushima sightseeing at the former residence of Basho.

Built at the site of Atsutaya, where Basho Matsuo lived and expressed his love of the moon, are facilities where local gourmet and souvenirs can be enjoyed. In the heart of Matsushima, Matsushima Bay Pleasure Cruise is well-suited for Matsushima sightseeing, but why not enjoy a meal first?


75-14, Matsushima Azamachinai, Matsushima-cho, Miyagi-gun, Miyagi-ken
Phone number
Distance from hotel
Approximately 54 minutes by train


Matsushima Pleasure Cruise

A leisure cruise of the islands that are part of the Three Views of Japan

This pleasure cruise tours the inside of Matsushima Bay where islands overgrown with the green of pine trees rise above the calm bay waters and help to create one of the Three Views of Japan. The popular boat ride takes you on a 50 minute trip to view the islands of Niojima, Kaneshima, Senjujima, Ojima, and Tsushima. Information on the islands is relayed inside the ship during the tour of this beautiful scene. Look forward to enjoying this unique experience at Matsushima!


98-1, Matsushima Azamachinai, Matsushima-cho, Miyagi-ken
Phone number
Distance from hotel
Approximately 58 minutes by train



The endearing symbol of the history of Matsushima

The construction of Bishamondo is said to have started during Sakanoue no Tamuramaro’s expedition to Oshu in the second year of the Daido era (807 a.d.). Since the current building was rebuilt prior to the restoration of Zuiganji by Masamune Date, it is designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan​ for being the oldest Momoyama architecture in the Tohoku region.


111, Matsushima Azamachinai, Matsushima-cho
Phone number
022-354-2023 (Zuiganji)
Distance from hotel
Approximately 54 minutes by train



A national treasure, Zuiganji brings to mind the glory of the Sendai Domain

Zuiganji is regarded as the oldest of the ancient temples established by Ennin Jigakudaishi in the fifth year of the Tencho era (828 A.D.) and is the family temple of the Date clan. Completed over a period of five years, the current building was made in the Momoyama-style by Masamune Date and has magnificient painted sliding doors that are a must-see.


91, Matsushima Azamachinai, Matsushima-cho, Miyagi-gun, Miyagi-ken
Phone number
Distance from hotel
Approximately 56 minutes by train


Hotel check-in

Welcome to Hokke Club Sendai!


Iroha Yokocho

Have a pleasant dinner at this flashy, Showa-era retro-style street

In the ever-changing streets of Sendai, the pronounced sense of the Showa-era still lingers even now at this shopping area. There are many restaurants and shores of various kinds lined along the way so enjoy shopping and a meal at any shop that catches your eye.


2-3-28, Ichiban-cho, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken
Phone number
022-223-3151 (Central Commercial Market Cooperative Association)
Distance from hotel
Approximately 15 minute walk


AER Observation Terrace

An unbroken view of Mori no Miyako glittering in the night

The AER buidling complex is a landmark of Sendai. At the top of the buidling, there is a restaurant on the 31st floor and the observation terrace can be found with a sweeping view of all of Sendai. Wrap up your first day in Sendai enchanted by the beautiful nightview.


1-3-1, Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken
Phone number
Distance from hotel
Approximately 9 minute walk

Relaxation time at the hotel



Time to relax

Rehabilition for the day’s exhaustion
Find comfort and care in your room before looking forward to tomorrow and the continuation of your trip.


Back in your room

Going to bed after a satisfying first day of your trip. Rest and look forward to enjoying tomorrow!

How to spend your second day



Jozenji Dori

Enjoy a refreshing morning walk or jog

Not far from the hotel, the beautiful Mori no Miyako is a symbolic spot where lines of Japanese Zelkova trees flourish. The name “Jozenji” originates from the demolished temple founded by Masamune Date at the beginning of the Meiji era. The greenery and walking path are perfect for a morning walk or jog.


1-3-1, Ichiban-cho, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken
Distance from hotel
Approximately 3 minute walk (10 minutes to the Zelkova trees)



After returning to the hotel, time for breakfast!

Satisfy your appetite with a full menu comprised of local dishes from Sendai along with the standard menu items. Let the bountiful buffet be your energy source for the day and indulge as mush as you please!


“Gingko” Restaurant
Prices (tax included)
Adults 1,320円 / Children (Elementary school students) 660円
No charge for pre-school age children
Operating hours
(please arrive by 9:30)



Leaving the hotel and enjoying Sapporo again!


Sendai Asaichi

At this morning market, even in the afternoon you can experience the feeling being a local

The Sendai Morning Market, known as the “Kitchen of Sendai”, is a famous standing market. It operates from Monday to Saturday, 8:00AM~6:00PM, excluding standard holidays (subject to change, depending on the store), and different from general souvenir shops, you can find fresh, local food and goods. The charming air of the market will fascinate you.


3-8-5, Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken
Phone number
022-262-7173 (Sendai Asaichi Shopping District Promotion Association)
Distance from hotel
Approximately 12 minute by walk


Clis Road Shopping District

A bright arcade bathed in natural light

The shopping district is at the center of three arcades off the central street in the heart of Sendai. It’s a 5 minute walk JR Sendai station. With thriving businesses, Mitakisan Fudoin which deifies the “God of Fortune” Sendai Shiro, along with summer festivals and the Star Festival, there are many events throughout the year that keep Sendai’s central spot lively and exciting.


2, Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken
Phone number
022-223-2894 (Clis Road Shopping District Promotion Association)
Distance from hotel
Approximately 8 minute by walk


Sendai Castle Ruins

Say hello to Masamune Date!

Sendai Castle was built by Masamune Date in the sixth year of the Keicho era (1601 A.D.) and known as Aoba Castle at the time. Currently, none of the buidlings remain, but the stone wall and rebuilt turrets conceal their ancestry. Why not take a picture infront of one of the symbols of Sendai, the statue of Masamune Date on horseback?


Tenshudai Aoba Shiroato, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken (Aoba Castle Honmaru
Phone number
022-223-2894 (Clis Road Shopping District Promotion Association)
Distance from hotel
Approximately 8 minute by walk

Date no Iroriyaki Kura no Sho Kakyoindori Store

This Japanese-style bar uses local ingredients from the Miyagi prefecture and cooks with large hearth fireplaces to create their taste. There is a line-up of of dishes that change with the seasons along with an abundant variety of Japanese sake choices from Tohoku. Also, from winter to early spring, they serve a staple of the winter season cuisine in Miyagi, Seri Nabe.

■Approximately a 4 minute walk from the hotel

Beef tongue restaurant Tsukasa Torayoko Store

Without using the the tip of the tongue, the tender sections are carefully selected and only high-quality beef is used. After seasoning, the ageing process pulls out a deep flavor and softens it. In addition to this, the savourniess is increased when cooked using nara coal from the Iwate prefecture.

■Approximately an 8 minute walk from the hotel


This dining bar is based on the theme of “EAT LOCAL”. Enjoy dishes made from fresh ingredients grown locally in the Tohoku region along with a line-up of craft beer hand-picked from Tohoku and around the world.

■Approximately a 7 minute walk from the hotel

Kokonoue Tamazawa S-PAL Store

The hugely popular Shimobashira is a sweet that can only be made skilled craftsmen. With a light tingle, tasting it melt away in your mouth in the blink of an eye is a sensation that you cannot forget once you have eaten it. Due to it’s great delicateness and sensitivity to temperature, it is only sold for a limited time from October to April.

■Approximately a 8 minute walk from the hotel

Zunda Saryo Sendai Station Zunda Shop

Young edamame beans are boiled and mashed to create this Tohoku taste known as Zunda. You can see it’s green being liberally used with the fresh mochi, shakes, rollcakes, cheesecakes, and other times being sold. There is also a cafe serving deserts like bavarian cream with zunda.

■Approximately a 12 minute walk from the hotel

Sendai City Museum

Including Masamune Date’s battle armor and military robe, many items from Sendai’s history, fine art, and culture are on display. Approximately 97,000 items make up te collection, and from these the contents are changed seasonally with around 1,000 items in a permanent exhibit. 3〜4 times a year special themed exhibits and are also held.

■Approximately12 minutes from the hotel by car
Opening hours: 9:00〜16:45(entry until 16:15) Museum Holidays: Mondays (open on national holidays and substitute national holidays), days following holidays and substitute holidays

Parco Homes Paradaise Yagiyama (Sendai City Yagiyama Zooological Park)

550 animals from 130 different species can be found including polar bears, lions, and sumatran tigers. With experiences such as feeding African elephants and petting rabbits to guinea pigs, make sure to check the homepage for each event’s schedule prior to visiting.

■Approximately 17 minutes from the hotel by car

Sendai Umi no More Aquarium

There are 50,000 creatures from approximately 300 species on exhibit. Japanese sardines form schools and swim through large tanks, the largest-scale dolphin and sea lion show in Tohoku, in addition to petting penguins and southern sea lions are just some of the fun things packed into this aquarium.

■Approximately 25 minutes from the hotel by car

Nikka Miyagikyo Distillery

Making use of the plentiful natural scenery, there are distilleries, kiln towers, brickwarehouses and you can enjoy a guided tour for 70 minutes with a taste-testing for free. Please check the homepage for more details.

■Approximately 37 minutes from the hotel by car