Recommendations for Sightseeing in Nihonbashi


Things to do in Nihonbashi

Experience the nostalgic downtown in Tokyo

It is a fun to taste the traditional food while walking along the pavement. Cherry blossom season is the best time to visit.

The history of money

A museum of the history of money where you can experience the weight of 100 million yen.

Rich and creamy rice bowl

Loved by everyone, Oyako-don(a bowl of rice with soy‐and‐sugar‐seasoned chicken, egg, and vegetables) is a must-try regional and traditional dish.


□ Approximately 5 minutes on foot from exit 4a of Kayabacho Station.
□ Approximately 25 minutes on foot from Tokyo station.
□ Approximately 5 minutes on foot from exit 6 of Suitengumae station.
From airport
□ Take limousine bus from Haneda airport to TCAT, then walk about 10 minutes to the hotel.