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Recommendations for Sightseeing in Shonan Fujisawa



Enjoying the true pleasure of the moment while watching Shonan sea

Have lunch in a best location that overlooking the sea!


The Great Buddha of Kamakura

The Great Buddha of Kamakura is a fascinating historical landmark as the second largest monumental Buddha in Japan.


Three goddesses

As a must-visit place in Enoshima, it is said that it will bring you safety, happiness and wealth.


By train
Approximately 2 minute walk from north exit from Fujisawa Station on JR Tokaido Line.
Approximately 3 minute walk from north exit of Fujisawa Station on Odakyu Electric Railway Enoshima Line.
Approximately 6 minute walk from Fujisawa Station on Enoshima Electric Railway.
From airport
Approximately 95 minutes by limousine bus from Haneda Airport to Fujisawa station
By car
Approximately 50 minutes from Atsugi IC on Tomei Express.
Approximately 15 minutes from Fujisawa IC on Shin-Shonan Bypass.
Approximately 45 minutes from Asahina IC on Yokohama Yokosuka Road.
Approximately 30 minutes from Totsuka IC on Yokohama Shinto.