-A Taste of Local Cuisine-

Breakfast ・Restaurant

A pleasant morning starts with a good breakfast.
Kick-start your day with our delicious local cuisine!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At Almont Inn, we prepare a variety of local dishes and Japanese/Western-style dishes to ensure a pleasant start to your day.

Breakfast buffet


Start your day with a rich and delicious breakfast.

Try our signature dishes and other regional cuisines, as well as our Japanese/Western-style buffet.

Our popular Japanese/Western-style buffet includes local dishes such as “Shonan vegetables” and “Vinegar chicken (daily specials)”. Enjoy the start to your day with our selection of dishes.
※ The contents may vary depending on the season
※ The restaurant is only available for our staying guests

Hotel 1F
Price (tax included)
Adult 1,210 yen
(Please come before 9:30)
Number of seats
26 seats in total


Treat yourself to our local cuisine at Almont Inn!

Whether you are traveling for sighteeing purposes or for business purposes, trying the local cuisine is one of the greatest pleasures of traveling.
Our breakfast buffet provides guests with the best regional ingredients.

Shonan vegetables

These are fresh and delicious vegetables produced in Fujisawa City and its adjoining areas and shipped to the Fujisawa wholesale market.

Whitebait and Japanese side dish (daily special)

he compatibility with rice is outstanding. Try a bite of the shirasu before adding soy sauce.
For Japanese side dishes, we offer “The taste of mom’s cooking” on the menu of the day.

Kenchin soup

It is a Japanese vegetable soup prepared using root vegetables and tofu. Typical ingredients include tofu, burdock root, daikon radish, shiitake mushrooms, konnyaku, taro root, sweet potato or potato, carrot, dashi stock, sesame oil, and seasonings. This home-cooked dish will warm your body and mind!

Stir-fried vegetables and egg (daily special)

A Chinese-style stir-fried dish that provides vitamins and protein at the same time. Accompanied by rice
It’s perfect.

Mabo tofu (daily special)

It is a dish that favorise the appetite by adding the flavor of tofu and ground meat to the richness of sweetened soy sauce. The elegant aroma and stimulation of the pepper accent.

Vinegar chicken (daily special)

Sweet and sour bean paste with a good balance of sourness and sweetness is often entwined with chicken breast and vegetables.
You can enjoy it refreshingly.

Maguro Curry

It is popular because it is easy to eat even in the morning.
If you eat it with white rice, it is a dish that is nutritious and powerful to start your day!

Japanese omelette

Plumply grilled with light soy sauce and other dashi stock as a base.
The ingredients inside are whitebait, sea lettuce, dried shrimp, etc. that change daily.

Neapolitan (daily special)

Onions, green peppers, sausages, etc. are seasoned with ketchup.
Everyone’s favorite spaghetti staple.


Wide Selection of Breads

We provide a variety of different breads, including rolls and croissants. Our mini croissants and chocolate bread are especially popular with our guests.

Egg dishes (omelets, etc.)

Have a healthy morning with delicious egg dishes such as fluffy omelets!


Homemade Chocolate Mousse (daily special)

Desserts are also offered daily. Homemade chocolate mousse is a popular item.

Drinks (Vegetable Juice, coffee, etc.)

We offer a variety of drinks that are perfect for the morning

For Guests with Food Allergies

At Hokke Club Group, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, allergenic ingredients such as (egg, milk, wheat, shrimp, crab, buckwheat, and peanut) and non-allergenic ingredients are prepared in the same kitchen, using the same utensils, oils etc. We may not be able to respond to certain allergy requests. We appreciate your understanding.


1F Restaurant “Hanamomi”

We offer a wide variety of breakfast including Japanese, Western, Chinese food, drink bar and dessert. The menu is not only centered on Shonan and Fujisawa specialities but also the local cuisine from Kanagawa prefecture.
※ Breakfast is only available for our staying guests.


(Please come before 9:30)
Number of seats
26 seats in total