The local cuisine Almont Hotel provides will certainly recharge your energy and spirit.


Not only for tourists, but also businessmen, our local cuisine will be a part of the greatest fun of your trip. Almont Hotel provides breakfast buffet with a variety of local cuisine using plenty of local food.

Recommendations for Sightseeing in Okinawa


Things to do in Okinawa

A touch of the world heritage

A beautiful building that reminds us the glory of the Ryukyu kingdom. Savor your time with the ancient architecture.

Explore the sounds of Sanshin

Savory buckwheat noodles, juicy pettitoes and etc …. while listening to the local music.

A beach resort feeling white building

Celebrate with the nice spot to feel the beach, gourmet and shopping!


Approximately 4 minute walk from Omoromachi Station on Yui rail.

From airport
□ Approximately 19 minutes by Yui Rail from Naha Airport to Omoromachi Station.

By car
□ Approximately 30 minutes by car from Naha Airport.