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Recommendations for Sightseeing in Hiroshima


Things to do in Hiroshima

A place for peace

The park near the place where the atomic bomb was dropped in 1945 have many visitors nowadays.

Hiroshima is famous for fresh oysters.

Hiroshima is a major producing place of oysters. Do not miss the chance to taste the fresh oysters!

To the castle which is the origin of the Carp city.

Carp city, another name of Hiroshima, developed as a castle town became the center of the city.


□ Approximately 20 minutes from JR Hiroshima Station to Fukuromachi station by tram.
From airport
□ Approximately 50 minutes from Hiroshima Airport by bus.
By car
□ Approximately 10 minutes from JR Hiroshima Station by car.
□ Approximately 30 minutes from Hiroshima Inter by car.