-A Taste of Local Cuisine-

Breakfast ・Restaurant

A pleasant morning starts with a good breakfast.
Kick-start your day with our delicious local cuisine!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
At Hokke club, we prepare a variety of local dishes and Japanese/Western-style dishes
to ensure a pleasant start to your day.


Start your day with a rich and delicious breakfast.

Try our specialty dishes from Hiroshima and other regional cuisine. As well as our Japanese/Western-style buffet which includes desserts and drinks.
Our popular Japanese/Western-style buffet includes regional dishes like “Navy’s braised meat and potato”, unique to Hiroshima. Enjoy the start to your day with a wide selection of dishes.

※ The contents may vary depending on the season
※ Restaurant is only available for our staying guests

1F Hotel
Price (tax incld.)
1,430 yen
※Prices will change during New Year’s holiday
Operating hours
6:30~10:00 (Last entry 9:30)
Number of seats
100 seats total


Treat yourself to our local cuisine.

Whether you are traveling for sighteeing purposes or for business purposes, trying the local cuisine is one of the greatest pleasures of traveling.
Our breakfast buffet provides guests with the best regional ingredients. We also change our menu every 2 months!
We also change our menu every 2 months!

Fried oysters from Hiroshima

Fried food using oysters from Hiroshima prefecture. The outside has a crispy texture, and the inside has nice oyster texture.

Hiroshima style okonomiyaki

Unlike Osaka-style okonomiyaki, Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki is grilled in layers without mixing the dough and ingredients. The sauce uses carp sauce, which is commonly used in okonomiyaki restaurants in Hiroshima. While Otafuku Sauce, which is often used in Hiroshima, is sweet, Carp Sauce has a slightly spicy flavor than Otafuku Sauce.


Mashed fish battered and deep-fried. The peppers in the fish gives its spicy flavor. Perfect with a bowl of rice, or as an appetizer for alcohol.

Pickled Deep-fried Sardine

Sardines have long been a staple of Hiroshima. With our pickled feep-fried sardine, you will enjoy the sweet and sour taste that many locals are familiar with.

Local Miso Soup

Nutrient-rich miso soup, prepared with plenty of local vegetables.

Lemon Vinegar

Hiroshima prefecture is the largest producer of lemons in Japan. Lemons produced in Setouchi are especially rich in flavor. The skin can be eaten as well, since no preservatives are used.


Wide Selection of Breads

We provide a variety of different breads, including rolls and croissants. Our mini croissants and chocolate bread are especially popular with our guests.


We prepare 3 types of dressings, as well as olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


Enjoy with our salad

Tofu (in colander)

Enjoy our smooth and easy to eat tofu.


Fruits and desserts

We offer a variety of orange jelly and fruits.


Enjoy your favorite drink, such as coffee or tea brewed with freshly ground beans.

For Guests with Food Allergies

At Hokke Club Group, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, allergenic ingredients such as (egg, milk, wheat, shrimp, crab, buckwheat, and peanut) and non-allergenic ingredients are prepared in the same kitchen, using the same utensils, oils etc. We may not be able to respond to certain allergy requests. We appreciate your understanding.


Enjoy our popular lunch buffet prepared by our expert chefs! All 25 dishes are prepared on a daily basis!


1,500 yen
※The price will change during events.
Operating hours
11:30~13:30(Last order 13:00)
※Closed Sunday, Monday, Public Holidays (closed during Obon and New Years) Contact us for more information: 082-248-3371


1F Restaurant “Hanamomi”

We serve a variety of different dishes, including local cuisine. Kick-start your day with our lavish buffet.
※ Breakfast is only available for our staying guests.


(Last entry 9:30)
(Last entry 13:00)
Number of seats
100 seats total

Infection control

Splash prevention acrylic board

It will be installed in all seats.

Thermo camera temperature measurement

Please cooperate with the non-contact thermo camera temperature measurement at the entrance.