Warm hospitality and simplicity
A comfortable and pleasant stay

Sapporo has a mix of natural and urban surroundings which create an open feel. The simple design expresses the atmosphere of the city to make our guests comfortable during their stay. Please spend a relaxing time in our cozy space that will make you feel the heart of our hospitality.


B2F Restaurant “Lotus”

For breakfast, we provide a wide selection of menus from popular Japanese and Western buffet menu to signature dishes from Hokkaido and local cuisine.
※ The breakfast is only available for our staying guests.


(Please come before 9:30)

【Notice of change in breakfast buffet business hours】
《Change after》Weekday 6:30~9:30(Please come before 9:00)
Weekend / holiday 6:30~10:00(Please come before 9:30)
《period》From staying on February 15, 2021 to for the time being (from breakfast on February 16)

B2F Public bath

Heal you from fatigue in the artificial hot spring「semi-natural」Komeiseki Onsen®.
※ For accommodation guests only.


Opening hours
Evening: 16:00-25:00 / Morning: 6:00-9:00
(For both men and women baths)

1F Front / Lobby

The front lobby is decorated with beautiful flower arrangement to make you feel the heart of our hospitality. We will welcome you with our warm service. Please feel free to ask us for any requests.


Opening hours
24 hours


1F PC corner

There is a PC corner with one computer and a printer installed on the first floor.
The printer can be used free of charge. Please help us to collect travel information.

B2F Coin laundry

There are two washing machines and two dryers on the B2F. Detergent is automatically inserted.
Washing 200 yen · · · 1 time / Drying 30 minutes · · · 100 yen

Vending machines

There are vending machines installed on each floor from the 2nd floor. Alcohol is only available on some floors.

1F Brochure corner

This includes information on famous sightseeing spots and restaurants. There is also a picture book for children and a handmade guide map from our staff.

1F AED (Automated external defibrillator)

It is a medical device that give an electric shock and return to normal rhythm in case of emergency.

2F Ice machine

Ice machine is installed beside the 2F vending machine corner.

2F Microwave

A microwave is available on the 2nd floor near the elevator. Please feel free to use it.


Facilities on site
Public bath, Coin laundry, Restaurant “Lotus”
Front, Lobby, Restaurant “Lotus”
Ice machine, Microwave
Rooms, Vending machine
Room equipments TV / Internet connection (Wi-Fi available) / bath / shower toilet / air conditioner (can not switch air conditioning / heating in the room) / air cleaner with humidifier function / empty refrigerator / electric kettle / ion drier / mobile charger / LAN cable / Seisuika / hanger / shoehorn / baggage rack / bath tote bag.
Parking lot There is no parking lot in the hotel. We will lead you to the nearby toll parking lot.