As a business hotel pioneer, you are certain of a memorable stay

Hotel Hokke Club was established in the 1960s as a business hotel. As a business hotel pioneer, the concept of hospitality is through all the branches under Hotel Hokke Club Group. Our ideals are to provide memorable services for every single day. We are always trying to build a place that can bring you peace and comfort.

History of HOKKE

「Place to enjoy life」Hokke Club

Hotel Hokke Club started from providing a peaceful place for worshipers and tourists. Aiming to be the only ideal hotel with low price and the concept of ‘one group one room’ which was a creative idea at that moment.

Business hotel pioneer

Tokyo and Osaka branches opened in the 1960s, establishing the business type of the hotel. In Osaka, we set up a business corner where typewriters, calculators, copy machine are available for free playing a pioneering role. Thereafter, a catchphrase ‘a refreshing morning’ appeared, aiming to be the only one hotel providing comfortable rooms, lobby with decoration of lively flowers, adjoining bath, breakfast buffet with local food.

The hospitality at HOKKE


A memorable stay

To do our best is the concept for Hotel Hokke Club Group hotels in order to deliver memorable services for every single day. We will always try to build a place that can bring you peace and comfort.

HOKKE brand for a variety of purposes

As a business hotel, popular for businessmen during weekdays. However, popular for families, couples and tourists during weekend. We always attend to our guests’ needs as a professional hotel. Meanwhile, we receive compliments for our family rooms, banquet halls, public baths and conference rooms and etc. In addition, we prepare brochures in English since foreign customers increased, aiming to be a global hotel which is convenience for foreign guests.
※Some branches do not have conference room・banquet hall or public bath.

Have fun at HOKKE


Arranged flowers in lobby

Lobby is decorated with different arranged flowers in each hotel at Hotel Hokke Club. Decoration of lobby is the way we express hospitality to our dear guests. We wish the vivid flowers can brighten your day.


※Not available for some branches.

Hotel Hokke Club Specials


A fresh morning with colorful regional cuisine

We provide local cuisine, a variety of western-style cuisine and Hokke Club classic menu to recharge your energy and spirit for the new journey.
※Some branches do not provide breakfast.
※The picture is for your reference.

A public bath that relieves your fatigue

The public bath is for hotel guests only. For security purposes, it is locked with electronic lock.
※Not available for some branches.
※The picture is from Hokke Club Kagoshima.

Room for relaxation

Facilities that are functional and easy to use such as bedding sets for better sleep are just to heal your fatigue.
※The picture is for your reference.