Breakfast Buffet

A pleasant morning starts from breakfast

Boost your energy from local cuisine

Breakfast, as the sources of energy for the day, we prepare local cuisine, a variety of western-style cuisine and Hokke Club classic menu for you to start the journey.

A fresh morning with the taste of local food

Hotel Hokke Club focuses on serving local cuisine. Incorporating the food culture of the region of each hotel, we offer local cuisine that allows you to feel the region in the breakfast buffet. Eating the local cuisine of the region is one of the great pleasures of travel and business trips, not only for sightseeing purposes but also for business trips. We hope you have a good breakfast and start your day off right. We welcome our guests with a breakfast buffet that makes the most of the local characteristics.
Please enjoy the proud breakfast of the Hotel Hokke Club Group.
※Breakfast menu changes depending on the season.


Sweets Campaign

Taste the sweets across Japan.

Hotel Hokke Club offers local sweets for breakfast buffet. Indulge yourself in sweets to start your day.

Sweets Campaign available in the following hotels

Sapporo branch · Hakodate branch · Niigata Nagaoka branch · Osaka branch · Hiroshima branch · Fukuoka branch · Kumamoto branch · Oita branch · Kagoshima branch · Almont Hotel Naha-Omoromachi branch · Almont Hotel Sendai · Almont Inn Shonan Fujisawa · Almont Hotel Kyoto


Japanese Food · Chinese Food · Western Food

We provide regional cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Chinese cuisine and western cuisine for breakfast buffet.
※The picture is for your reference.
※Not available for some branches.

Fruit · Dessert · Drink

Drinks, fruits, desserts and etc. are provided.
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※Not available for some branches.

For the guests with food allergies

Hotel Hokke Club hotels prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner using same cooking utensils, oil and etc. that we use to cook the food contains ingredients may cause allergies(egg · wheat · milk · shrimp · crab · buckwheat · peanut). We may not be able to provide the food requested by the guests who have a certain allergy. Sorry for the inconvenience.