4 reasons to choose Hotel Hokke Club Kumamoto


The local cuisine Hotel Hokke Club provides will certainly recharge your energy and spirit.


Not only for tourists, but also businessmen, our local cuisine will be a part of the greatest fun of your trip. Hotel Hokke Club provides breakfast buffet with a variety of local cuisine using plenty of local food.

Recommendations for Sightseeing in Kumamoto


Things to do in Kumamoto

Always classic! Kumamoto Castle!

It took about 7 years, built by Kiyomasa Kato after the battle of Sekigahara, the castle is a famous attraction known as Ginkgo Castle.

Simple but deep flavor

A local cuisine of Kumamoto. Pork and chicken bone soup with plenty of vegetables.

Sakura no Baba Josaien

You can watch a play or experience some other fun at one of the establishments filled with stores providing exquisite food and souvenirs.


□ Approximately 5 minutes by car from JR Kumamoto Station.
□ Approximately 2 minute walk from Keitokukomae Station.

From airport
□ Take the limousine bus from Aso Kumamoto Airport to Kawaramachi bus stop.
□ Approximately 35 minutes by taxi from Aso Kumamoto Airport.

By car
□ Approximately 30 minutes by car from Kumamoto IC on Kyushu Expressway.