Room for relaxation as always

A room that you can relax yourself like home.
To heal you from fatigue with comfortable sofa, soft light and facilities that are functional and easy to use such as bedding sets for better sleep.

Commitment to quality sleep


Irresistible Duvet Style

We use duvet bedding. For the traditional bed making,  the edge of bed cover is inserted between the mattress and bed. You will sleep in between. For duvet style bed making, we place the comforter with cover on the bed to provide better sleep. Our guests complimented on this bedding style as the best sound asleep bedding.

Hotels provide duvet bedding

Endless fiber for an ideal sleep environment

Nowadays, long fiber reinforced thermoplastics known as endless fiber is getting popular than feathers. Endless fibers are long connected fibers that not easy to form cotton dust, good for those who have allergic constitution to have a quality sleep.(The picture is from Almont Hotel Naha-Kenchomae)
※ Not available for some branches.

Simmons for a sound sleep

To provide a high quality sleep, we choose Simmons mattress which is loved by the world. Have a sound sleep.
※Not available for some branches.

Hotels provide Simmons mattress


Wi-Fi in all rooms

All hotel rooms have internet connection via Wi-Fi.

Security system

The key card cannot be copied physically since it is non-contact type. Furthermore, there is less risk of losing the key card since the room number is not written on the card. In addition, check-in are check-out time are registered in the key card, you can use it for the designated hours only.

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