Public Bath


A public bath that heals your body and spirit

Relieve your fatigue

Get your energy back within the day, heal you from fatigue and stress in the bath that you can stretch your feet. Relax and enjoy yourself in the healing space. Public bath at Hotel Hokke Club is for accommodation guests only. An electronic lock was installed at the entrance of the public bath to ensure a safe environment.

Artificial hot spring「Quasi-Natural」Komeiseki Onsen®

Some Hotel Hokke Club branches have Komeiseki Onsen® in public bath. Komeiseki is kind of rare stone with the colors green, gray and white effected by the hot water from deep underground mined from a ton of rock in Abe Mine tunnel in Okayama Prefecture. It is good to heal neuralgia, rheumatism, stiff shoulder, back pain, hemorrhoids, poor circulation, poor circulation before and after giving birth, fatigue since it contains ingredients similar to hot springs. Immerse yourself in the hot water and enjoy the time of healing!

Available in the following branches
Sapporo: Kane no yu, Hakodate: Goryo no yu, Almont Hotel Sendai: Sendai no yu, Almont Hotel Nippori: Tsumugi no yu, Niigata Nagaoka: Ohte no yu, Shonan Fujisawa: Kuromatsu no yu Fujihana no yu, Almont Hotel Kyoto: Hannari no yu, Osaka: Hana no yu, Fukuoka: Hakubi no Yu, Kumamoto: Nagomi no Yu, Oita: Okutsurogi no Yu, Kagoshima: Shien no yu < For ladies >Atsuhime no Yu, Almont Hotel Naha Omoromachi: Nakayukui no Yu, Almont Hotel Naha Kencho-mae: Yonna no Yu

※Komeiseki®, Komeiseki Onsen®, Quasi-Natural Komeiseki Onsen® are Nagaharasangyou’s registered trademarks.
※Not drinkable
※Not hot spring from underground
※The picture is from Almont Hotel Sendai.


components calcium chloride / calcium hydrogen carbonate / calcium sulfate / magnesium chloride / magnesium hydrogen carbonate / magnesium sulfate / potassium chloride / sodium chloride / potassium sulfate / sodium sulfate / silicic acid
Efficacy neuralgia・rheumatism・stiff shoulder・back pain・hemorrhoids・poor circulation・poor circulation before and after giving birth・fatigue
Almont Hotel Sendai

Sendai no yu

Sendai known as the city of trees always brings us back to Date Masamune (Early Edo period) when looking at the crescent moon on the wall during bathing in Japanese cypress wood bathtub with the smell of Japanese cypress.

Hotel Hokke Club Kagoshima

<For gentlemen>Shien no yu <For ladies>Atsuhime no yu

To bring you peach with the smell of Japanese cypress in the bath overlooked the streets in Okajima, we are aiming build a public bath with the flow of hot water and the touch of the wood.

Almont Hotel Naha-Kenchomae

Heal yourself in the bath with light blue wall which can remind you of the blue sky in Okinawa where is protected by the god Shisa.

Security System

An electronic lock was installed at the entrance of female bath to ensure a safe environment. The Password is necessary and changes everyday for security purpose. Tattoos are not allowed in the pubic bath. Thank you for your cooperation.

Shampoo Bar

Shampoo bar is available in Sapporo branch, Hakodate branch, Oita branch, Almont Hotel Sendai and Almont Hotel Nippori.